Game from Senior Invitational Tournament

Here is one of Ed Garner’s games from the Senior Invitational Tournament held during the summer. Ed had the advantage in the opening, but let it slip. His opponent then made a mistake in a winning endgame and the game ended in a draw.

2017-2018 Final Grand Prix Standings

Final Standings
Events Included:
80th WV State Championship
25th Parkersburg Homecoming
Clarksburg Open
18th Mountaineer Open
2018 WV Action Championship

 1. Sam Timmons       64.84  $200
 2. Edward Garner     44.00  $150
 3. Robert Canary     43.75  $125
 4. Benjamin Good     27.50  $100
 5. David Hundley     25.42  $100
 6. Daniel Preece     24.92
 7. Mike Baker        19.00
 8. Mike Price        17.00
 9. Lewis Sanders     16.67
10. David Hines       15.58
11. Markle Butcher    12.00
12. David Bruner      11.58
13. John Roush        11.50
14. Jimmy Fuller      10.00
    Samuel Rhodes     10.00
    Keith Lilly       10.00
17. Sefus Ellis        9.67
18. Dan Cady           8.58
19. David Comer        8.50
20. Craig Timmons      8.00
21. Joe Craddock       7.50
    Anthony Francis    7.50
23. Mike Felton        6.00
24. Lee Gustafson      5.75
25. Rich Greathouse    5.00
    Tyrone McNeely     5.00
27. Robert Wells       4.50
28. James Reszler      3.50
29. Lawrence Iorio     1.00
    Philip Arabia      1.00

2018 Business Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the 2018 WVCA Business Meeting can be found here: 2018 WVCA Business Meeting Minutes.

The most notable topic was the removal of the Bulletin Editor and At-Large Member from the Board of Directors. The WVCA Bulletin is not what it was in the days before the Internet, and we have had a hard time getting content and a willing editor. Considering that the information was available on the website, the time to retire the WVCA Bulletin has come.

Other points of interest are that $1000 from the Ripley Chess Club will be added to the 2018-2019 Grand Prix, and John Roush and Bob Greer have been made Honorary Life Members of the WVCA for their support in directing tournaments over the years.

25th Parkersburg Homecoming

23 players competed in the 25th Annual Parkersburg Homecoming tournament, played at the Blennerhasset Hotel. Tom Magar of PA and Bob Canary tied for 1st with 3.5/4. Our state champions, John Roush and Sam Timmons were just behind them at 3/4. The U1600 winners were David Hundley and Richard Hayes (2.5/4). U1300 were Mike Price and Craig Timmons (2/4).

We also had the return of several players who have not played for some time, including Konnie Dolgovskij, David Comer, and Reggie Best.

USCF Crosstable

Farewell to Omkar Yadav

The Harrison County Chess Club got together a couple of weeks ago to say farewell to Omkar Yadav. Omkar has rapidly improved over the last year or two and we will certainly miss him. He is moving to Iowa with his parents.

We had a G/10 tournament as a send-off, which was won by Ben Good. Crosstable

L-R: Bill Haynes, Bob Greer, Sarah Good, Ben Good, Omkar Yadav, Jim Reszler, Mike Baker, Chris Greer

Beckley Summer Open

There were eleven participants in the Beckley Summer Open at the Erma Byrd Center. There was a four-way tie for first with a score of 3-1 between Robert Canary, Sam Timmons, Joe Craddock, and David Dawson. USCF Crosstable.

Clarksburg Open

The Clarksburg Open was held July 7, 2018 at the Harrison County Senior Citizens Center. 12 players competed in the Open section and six in the Unrated section. The Open was won by Ed Garner with a score of 3.5/4.

USCF Crosstable

Unrated Action

David Bruner vs. Tournament Winner Ed Garner

2018 WV Action Championship

12 players competed in the 2018 WV Action Championship held in Mount Nebo, WV. The event was scheduled to run concurrently with the 3rd Annual Missing Pieces Charity Event. Unfortunately, no players showed up for the charity event, although a donation was still able to be made from the proceeds. The open section was won convincingly by Sam Timmons at 5.5/6. Three players tied for second a point and a half (!) back at 4/6.

USCF Crosstable