Chess FundamentalZ with GM DariusZ ŚwiercZ

Eighteen middle school and high school students from WV and KY attended the Huntington YMCA Chess Club’s Second Annual Chess Camp with GM Dariusz ŚwiercZ. The camp, June 26-29, included instruction on tactical as well as positional play, a simul, many, many puzzles, friendly matches and an end-of-camp four round tournament. We hope to do it again next year!

Group photo
Back row, left to right: Mark Hathaway, Zach Haden , Matt DeGroff, Clay Thompson, Oskar Meade, Matthew Phelps, Caden Eldridge, Dimitri Moore, Alex Peterson, Micah Barnette

Front row, left to right: Joe DeGroff, John Boylin, Jackson Denning, Alex Oliashirazi, Abram Hess, GM Swiercz, Duncan Bishop, Luke McCallister, Kaden Jeffers, Natasha Bradley

Photos by Seth Rutt