Bridgeport Chess Club

From Mike Baker:

I am happy to announce the Bridgeport Chess club will start back up again in April. We will start out slowly and meet the first and third Thursdays of each month from 6pm-8pm.

Masks, social distancing between the boards, and limited number of participants will be allowed in the room. It will be the same room on the 2nd floor.

I will be there in April, but May not so much due to work.


2019-2020 Grand Prix Standings

Standings after 4 Events
Events Included: 20th Mountaineer Open, 3rd Concord Southern Open, 2020 Winter Open, Clarksburg Open

 1. Robert Canary         50.40
 2. Sam Timmons           32.40
 3. Joseph Michael Baker  25.25
 4. David F Hines         19.75
 5. Markle W Butcher      18.75
 6. James Reszler         18.00
 7. Lewis Sanders         17.00
 8. Brian Lucas           16.25
 9. John Parks Boylin IV  15.25
10. David Lee Bruner       8.25
11. David M Iorio          7.25
    John G Sefton          7.25
13. Michael Felton         6.50
14. Rodney R Adkins        6.00
15. Richard Keith Lilly    4.75
16. Aidan A Rogers         3.50
17. Lawrence Iorio         1.00

State Scholastic Tournament Update

WV Governor Justice has strongly urged groups to cancel events that involve large gatherings. He aimed this comment initially at extra-curricular activities and Friday, March 13 closed secondary schools indefinitely. Subsequently the State Superintendent of Schools banned all scholastic extra-curricular activity until at least April 10.

Therefore, I am postponing the 51st WV State Scholastic Chess Championship that was scheduled for March 28 in Bridgeport, WV. Here is the contingency plan:

(1) If able, we will reschedule by May.

(2) If we cannot hold the event, we will consider holding it in conjunction with the Clarksburg Open on June 6.

(3) If that is not possible, we will hold an invitational event with the top-rated players for each section, K-12, K-8, and K-5.

(4) If that is not possible, we will select participants based on rating and number of events participated in this year to determine the invites to the US Chess invitationals (Denker, Barber, Haring, and Rockefeller) in August.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but the safety and health of our youth chess players is important. Those who have registered will remain registered, if you would like to withdraw and reregister later please email the TD ( and request your refund of the entry fee.

Bob Greer