2023-2024 Grand Prix Standings

Standings after 2 events
Events included: Action Championship, 23rd Mountaineer Open

 1. Hardy Gu                   35.90
 2. Lewis F Sanders            29.40
 3. Benjamin M Good            21.00
 4. Luke Garlick               20.00
 5. Cortland Nesley            18.17
 6. Elijah David Schultz       14.33
 7. Markle W Butcher            9.33
 8. David Comer                 9.00
 9. Tristan Marc Bly            7.83
10. David F Hines               7.25
11. John Everett Roush          6.83
12. Sam Timmons                 6.00
    James William Sutherland    6.00
    David Wayne Hundley         6.00
    Christopher Leach           6.00
    William Cole Hutzler        6.00
17. Vishwadhipa Venkata Voore   4.75
18. Lawrence E Iorio            3.50
    Lance Pitrolo               3.50
20. Pushkal Solanki             2.25

WV Scholastic Championship

The WV Scholastic Championship was held March 16, 2024, in Clarksburg. 84 players competed in four sections: K-12, K-8, K-5, and K-3.

The winners were:
K-12 – Tristan Johnston (4/4)
K-8 – Lance Pitrolo (5/5)
K-5 – Hardy Gu (4/4)
K-3 – Julian Schmidt (4/4)

Congratulations to all and we are looking forward to seeing you represent West Virginia in the national events later this year!

Full Standings
USCF Crosstable

WV Scholastic Chess League

The Team portion of the WV Scholastic Chess league is complete. Weberwood Kings took first over Kelsch Budwany on tiebreaks in the K-5 section. The Camden Crusaders dominated the MS/HS section (four of them scored a perfect 6-0!). The USCF crosstable can be found here.

Pictured is the MS/HS winning team, the Camden Crusaders.

WV Junior Championship

John Boylin, our resident championship collector, has added another to his list. John went 4-0 and is now the Junior Champion as well as the Action and overall State Champion. No one has ever held all of these at the same time before! If he could simultaneously be under 21 and over 50 I imagine he’d have all 4 titles.

Landon Leach and Ishaal Patel tied for the beginner section and Markle Butcher won the Friends and Family Section.

USCF Crosstable

WV Senior Championship

21 players competed in the 2023 WV Senior Championship, held in Bridgeport on November 4. Mark Eidemiller from PA won the tournament with a perfect 4/4. Lewis Sanders and David Hines tied for second with 3 points and are the 2023 WV Senior Co-Champions. Lewis will represent WV in the Irwin Tournament of Senior Champions.

USCF Crosstable