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2022-2023 Grand Prix Standings

Standings after 6 Events
Events Included: Action Championship, Chess Day, Concord Southern Open, Mountaineer Open 1/14, Mountain Open 4/2, YMCA Spring Open

 1. Lewis F Sanders          85.17
 2. John Boylin IV           84.75
 3. Markle W Butcher         37.17
 4. Sam Timmons              23.17
 5. John Everett Roush       22.92
 6. James A Fuller II        21.83
 7. David Wayne Hundley      21.50
 8. Pushkal Solanki          18.75
 9. Weston James Robarts     18.50
10. David Comer              12.42
11. Ryan Ward                12.50
    Steven Aguilar           12.50
13. Allen D Farley           11.75
14. Dustin Andrew Booker     11.50
15. Cortland Nesley          10.75
16. Benjamin M Good          10.50
17. Charles B Adams           7.25
18. Craig Timmons             7.00
19. Elijah David Schultz      6.83
20. Cameron H Collins         6.67
    Ryan T VanBibber          6.67
22. David F Hines             6.00
    James William Sutherland  6.00
    Michael Felton            6.00
25. Gary Denver Cummings      3.50
    Max Aiden Aguilar         3.50
    Richard Keith Lilly       3.50
    Richard T Holsberry       3.50
    Robert Lawrence Rogers    3.50
30. Aditya Jain               1.00
    Meghan Elkins             1.00

YMCA Spring Open

The YMCA Spring Open was held on April 8 at the Huntington YMCA. 33 players competed in total. The Open section was won by John Boylin (surprise, surprise) with a perfect 4-0 score. Lewis Sanders, Ryan Ward, Weston Robarts, and Steven Aguilar were tied for second with 3-1. The Scholastic had a tie for first between Joe DeGroff and Tarunsai Bhumanapalli, who drew each other in round 3 and won their other games for a 3.5-0.5 score.

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Mountaineer Open Again!?

As the January 14 event went so well, another Mountaineer Open was held on Sunday, April 2 at the Mountainlair. 35 players competed in the rated sections. In the Open section, Lewis Sanders had a perfect 4-0, while Elijah Tipton, Kevin Speray, Hardy Gu, and Pushkal Solanki were tied for second with 3-1. The Collegiate/Scholastic section was won by William Northey with a 4-0 score. Dan Nguyen and Aditya Jain were second with 3-0.

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Mountaineer Open

57 players (not including the unrated section) competed in the Mountaineer Open on January 14 at the WVU Mountainlair. John Boylin won the open section with 3.5/4, while seven players tied for second at 3. Christopher Easthom won the Collegiate/Scholastic section with a perfect 4/4.

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WV Junior Championship

John Boylin IV is the 2022 WV Junior Champion. John finished with 4/4 in a field of 22 players. Second and third place trophies went to Gagana Sadineni and Micah Barnette, each with 3/4. The beginner class trophies went to Lance Pitrolo, Aditya Jain, and Alexandrea Van Meter, who all scored 3/4. Markle Butcher had a perfect 3/3 in the Friends & Family section. Chris and Landon Leach took home a trophy for their combined parent/child score.

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WV Senior Championship

Jimmy Fuller has won his third consecutive WV Senior Championship title! 10 players competed in the event, which was held in Saint Albans. Jim had 2 wins and 2 draws and has qualified to represent WV in the 6th Annual John T. Irwin National Tournament of Senior State Champions.

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Lewis Sanders (L) vs Jimmy Fuller (R) in Round 3
Lewis Sanders (L) vs Jimmy Fuller (R) in Round 3