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2019 WVCA Business Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the 2019 WVCA Business Meeting can be found here: 2019 WVCA Business Meeting Minutes.

Of particular note is the change in membership dues from $10 to $20 (and $5 to $10 for junior). This is the first membership due change in at least 20 years and was decided based on a desire to increase the Grand Prix prize fund.

If you were paying your dues via PayPal, I have canceled the automatic payments due to the change in price. Anyone wishing to re-establish the automatic payments will need to subscribe again on the website. I apologize for the inconvenience. PayPal would not allow a modification of more than 20% to the existing subscriptions. I will attempt to notify all of the PayPal subscribers via email in the near future.

2018 Business Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the 2018 WVCA Business Meeting can be found here: 2018 WVCA Business Meeting Minutes.

The most notable topic was the removal of the Bulletin Editor and At-Large Member from the Board of Directors. The WVCA Bulletin is not what it was in the days before the Internet, and we have had a hard time getting content and a willing editor. Considering that the information was available on the website, the time to retire the WVCA Bulletin has come.

Other points of interest are that $1000 from the Ripley Chess Club will be added to the 2018-2019 Grand Prix, and John Roush and Bob Greer have been made Honorary Life Members of the WVCA for their support in directing tournaments over the years.