Bridgeport Library #15

A record crowd was in attendance for the 15th Bridgeport Library tournament on an extremely warm day for January. 28 players competed in the open and under 1000 sections. Ben Good and Robert Canary tied for 1st in the open section with 2.5/3. Connon McCauley won the under 1000 with a perfect 3-0.

USCF Crosstable

2018-2019 Grand Prix Final Standings

By the slimmest of margins, Mike Baker has won the 2018-2019 Grand Prix. Congratulations!

 1. Joseph Michael Baker       61.00
 2. Lewis Sanders              60.83
 3. Sam Timmons                59.17
 4. Edward Garner              59.00
 5. Markle W Butcher           33.50
 6. David Wayne Hundley        33.24
 7. David Lee Bruner           27.67
 8. Robert Canary              20.58
 9. Brian Lucas                17.83
10. Benjamin Good              17.75
11. Michael Felton             16.75
    Richard Keith Lilly        16.75
13. John Roush                 14.50
14. Dan O'Hanlon               13.67
15. Jimmy Fuller               13.33
16. Marty Clevenger            11.17
17. James Reszler               9.25
18. Brian Lee Cox               9.00
19. Samuel Rhodes               8.17
20. Daniel Preece               6.67
21. Abram John Leyzorek         6.40
22. Aiden Hoeft                 5.67
23. Stephen William Logan       3.50
24. Robert A Wells              3.25
25. Phillip W Setterlund Jr     3.00
26. Mike D Price                2.00
27. Craig Timmons               1.00
    Levi Durfee                 1.00
    Rodney R Adkins             1.00

Events Included:
81st WV State Championship
Parkersburg Homecoming
Beckley Summer Open
WV Action Championship
Clarksburg Open
Concord Southern Open
19th Mountaineer Open

2019 WVCA Business Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the 2019 WVCA Business Meeting can be found here: 2019 WVCA Business Meeting Minutes.

Of particular note is the change in membership dues from $10 to $20 (and $5 to $10 for junior). This is the first membership due change in at least 20 years and was decided based on a desire to increase the Grand Prix prize fund.

If you were paying your dues via PayPal, I have canceled the automatic payments due to the change in price. Anyone wishing to re-establish the automatic payments will need to subscribe again on the website. I apologize for the inconvenience. PayPal would not allow a modification of more than 20% to the existing subscriptions. I will attempt to notify all of the PayPal subscribers via email in the near future.

26th Parkersburg Homecoming

On August 18, 2019, the 26th Annual Parkersburg Homecoming Chess Tournament was held in Parkersburg, WV. Twenty-eight players from WV, OH, PA, and NY, with ratings of all levels from beginner through master and all ages including children and seniors, gathered for 9 hours at the Blennerhassett Hotel to compete in 4 rounds of chess competition. The tournament was directed by United States Chess Federation Senior Director Bob Greer, Assistant Tournament Director/Organizer Patrick Kelly, and Assistant Tournament Director, Matthew Ellis.

1st Place Tie with 4 points and 1st Place Trophy based on tie-breaks
Thomas Magar, N. Versailles, PA
This was the 8th time that Tom has finished in First Place in the Homecoming.

1st Place Tie with 4 points and 2nd Place Trophy based on tie-breaks
Lewis Sanders, Charleston, WV

Upset Trophy – player who wins against a higher rated player (greatest difference in the ratings)
David Hundley, Beckley, WV

Class Prize for Rating under 1900 with 3 points
David Hundley, Beckley, WV

Class Prize tie for Rating under 1600 with 2.5 points
Steven Aguilar, Vienna, WV
Richard Hayes, Bethesda, OH

Class Prize for Rating under 1300 with 2 points
Benjamin Lin, Pittsburgh, PA

Bob Greer presenting the trophies to the winners Thomas Magar (L) and Lewis Sanders (R)

Bob Greer presenting the upset prize trophy to David Hundley