2016 WVCA Business Meeting

The business meeting of the WVCA was held September 3, 2016 before the first round of the State Championship. Two things of note: the Ripley Chess Club is donating $250 to the Grand Prix prize fund and the format and date for the State Championship is no longer fixed.

These are the requirements for the State Championship going forward:
– 5 rounds or longer
– G/75 or longer
– Held between August 1 and October 31

The 2017 State Championship will be held in Mt. Nebo, just outside of Summersville. Expect a 2-day 5-round event with a shorter time control for rounds 1 and 2.

The 2017 Action Championship will be held in Ripley.

President – John Roush
Vice President – James Fields
Secretary-Treasurer – Ben Good
Bulletin Editor – Mike Baker
At-Large Member – David Bruner

Delgate to USCF – Lewis Sanders, Charles McCallister alternate

2016 Meeting Minutes