2014.10.03 -- The 2015 Action Championship will be held on March 28 in Spencer. Details will be posted as they become available.
2014.09.15 -- Congratulations to William Roy, winner of the 2014 WV Junior Championship.
2014.09.15 -- Congratulations to Dr. Armando Lopez, winner of the 2013-2014 WVCA Grand Prix.
2014.09.02 -- Congratulations to Ed Garner and FM Nikhilesh Kunche, the 2014 WV State Champions! They each finished with 5/6.
2014.09.01 -- The minutes of the 2014 WVCA Business Meeting can be downloaded here.
2014.07.29 -- Sam Timmons and Dave Hundley won the Beckley Summer Open with a score of 3.5/4.
2014.07.29 -- Congratulations to Adi Patel for winning the 2014 Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions with a score of 5/6. See the crosstable here.
2014.05.17 -- Ben Good won the Action Championship with a score of 5/6. Markle Butcher was second with 4.5.
2014.05.08 -- The Action Championship, scheduled for May 17, has been moved to Notre Dame High School on Pike St. in Clarksburg as the hotel has not been finished yet.
2014.04.30 -- News of further exploits of one young Mr. Patel has reached the USCF website. Congratulations!
2014.03.23 -- Congratulations to John Roush, the winner of the inaugural WV Senior Championship. John won on tiebreaks over David Saville, each having scored 4/5.
2014.03.06 -- The upcoming events page has been updated.
2014.02.12 -- Several events have been added to the upcoming events page.
2013.12.18 -- Congratulations to Adi Patel, winner of the 7th grade section of the National K-12 Championship. He made master in the process as well! Crosstable
2013.12.07 -- The 2014 WV Scholastic Chess League will be played at St. Francis of Assisi Parish Center in Saint Albans. The team dates will be held on Jan 18, Feb 1, and Feb 15, 2014. The Individual League Championship will be held on Feb 22, 2014. The details can be found here.