2015.01.07 -- Happy New Year everyone! The WV Scholastic League will be starting play on January 17. State co-champion FM Nikhilesh Kunche will give a simul. See the announcement on wvsca.com for more information.
2014.10.03 -- The 2015 Action Championship will be held on March 28 in Spencer. Details will be posted as they become available.
2014.09.15 -- Congratulations to William Roy, winner of the 2014 WV Junior Championship.
2014.09.15 -- Congratulations to Dr. Armando Lopez, winner of the 2013-2014 WVCA Grand Prix.
2014.09.02 -- Congratulations to Ed Garner and FM Nikhilesh Kunche, the 2014 WV State Champions! They each finished with 5/6.
2014.09.01 -- The minutes of the 2014 WVCA Business Meeting can be downloaded here.
2014.07.29 -- Sam Timmons and Dave Hundley won the Beckley Summer Open with a score of 3.5/4.
2014.07.29 -- Congratulations to Adi Patel for winning the 2014 Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions with a score of 5/6. See the crosstable here.
2014.05.17 -- Ben Good won the Action Championship with a score of 5/6. Markle Butcher was second with 4.5.
2014.05.08 -- The Action Championship, scheduled for May 17, has been moved to Notre Dame High School on Pike St. in Clarksburg as the hotel has not been finished yet.
2014.04.30 -- News of further exploits of one young Mr. Patel has reached the USCF website. Congratulations!
2014.03.23 -- Congratulations to John Roush, the winner of the inaugural WV Senior Championship. John won on tiebreaks over David Saville, each having scored 4/5.
2014.03.06 -- The upcoming events page has been updated.
2014.02.12 -- Several events have been added to the upcoming events page.
2013.12.18 -- Congratulations to Adi Patel, winner of the 7th grade section of the National K-12 Championship. He made master in the process as well! Crosstable