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Tournament Results

26th Parkersburg Homecoming

On August 18, 2019, the 26th Annual Parkersburg Homecoming Chess Tournament was held in Parkersburg, WV. Twenty-eight players from WV, OH, PA, and NY, with ratings of all levels from beginner through master and all ages including children and seniors, gathered for 9 hours at the Blennerhassett Hotel to compete in 4 rounds of chess competition. The tournament was directed by United States Chess Federation Senior Director Bob Greer, Assistant Tournament Director/Organizer Patrick Kelly, and Assistant Tournament Director, Matthew Ellis.

1st Place Tie with 4 points and 1st Place Trophy based on tie-breaks
Thomas Magar, N. Versailles, PA
This was the 8th time that Tom has finished in First Place in the Homecoming.

1st Place Tie with 4 points and 2nd Place Trophy based on tie-breaks
Lewis Sanders, Charleston, WV

Upset Trophy – player who wins against a higher rated player (greatest difference in the ratings)
David Hundley, Beckley, WV

Class Prize for Rating under 1900 with 3 points
David Hundley, Beckley, WV

Class Prize tie for Rating under 1600 with 2.5 points
Steven Aguilar, Vienna, WV
Richard Hayes, Bethesda, OH

Class Prize for Rating under 1300 with 2 points
Benjamin Lin, Pittsburgh, PA

Bob Greer presenting the trophies to the winners Thomas Magar (L) and Lewis Sanders (R)

Bob Greer presenting the upset prize trophy to David Hundley

WV Action Championship

Harold Mitchell won the WV Action Championship with record of 5.5-0.5. Lewis Sanders finished second at 5-1 and is the WVCA Action Champion as the highest finishing WVCA member. Dan O’Hanlon was top B-C. Brian Lucas was top D/under. Thanks to Bill Cadle and the Ripley Chess Club for hosting the event and the Ripley Senior Citizens Center for the facility.

Photos via Facebook

USCF Crosstable

Clarksburg Open

32 players competed in the Clarksburg Open on June 1 at the Harrison County Senior Center. Ben Good and Ed Garner, who drew in round 3, won the event with 3.5/4. Sam Timmons, Marty Clevenger, and Richard Hayes of Ohio were just behind at 3/4. Johannes Schieble took the U1400 prize with 2.5/4.

The following position occurred in Good – Mitchell, Round 2. White to play and win.

USCF Crosstable

The puzzle solution is Nb5! attacking b4 and c8 while defending d4.

God Save My King XVI

Ed Garner swept the field at the God Save My King XVI (that’s sixteen for the Roman Numeral-challenged) event, held on May 11 at the Holiday Inn in Bridgeport.

The following position occurred between Mike Baker and Gary Garden. White has three winning moves here. Mike played the flashy Qe4!! and Gary resigned. Also winning are Kd3 and Ne4.

USCF Crosstable

Harrison County Scholastic

25 scholastic and 4 adult players competed at Simpson Elementary on March 2 in the Harrison County Scholastic Championship event. Jeremy Allman won the Middle School section with 3.5/4. William Northey won the Elementary with a perfect 4/4. Ed Garner won the Open/High School section with 3/3.

USCF Crosstable

Bridgeport Library 13

28 players competed in two rated sections at the 13th Bridgeport Library Tournament. Ben Good and Sam Timmons went 3-0 in the Open to share first place. Stephen Groves took clear first in the beginner section as the the only 3-0.

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