2022 Scholastic League

We will be holding the WV Scholastic Chess League in 2022! With Covid-19 and all the variants, it may be challenging, but we need to get back to some sort of normal.
We will be doing three rounds each on January 22 and 29 for the Scholastic Chess League team/school competitions. We will use the same format as in the past. February 19 will be the individual league championship.

The sections will be K-5, MS, and HS. Trophies will be awarded to the top 5 teams in the K-5 section, top 3 in MS, and top 3 in HS sections. Teams need to be registered by January 14, 2022. Entry fees will be $15/person. Make checks payable to WVSCA.

You can have up to 5 players on one team and the top three scores will be used. Schools can have multiple teams. Teammates will not play each other. However, teams within the same school may play each other. If your school doesn’t have a team, or you are being homeschooled, let me know and we will help find a team. Club teams could be formed where players may not be from the same school because the school doesn’t have a team or the student is being homeschooled. We will help form teams as needed. If you have six players from your school, you should create two three-player teams.

We will announce COVID protocols closer to league play.

We hope to have a successful chess season. We hope everyone is and remains safe and healthy.

2022 WVSCL League Flyer/Entry Form