2017-2018 Grand Prix Standings

The 2017-2018 Grand Prix will kick off with the Fall Open in Saint Albans on November 25. The prize fund for the Grand Prix will include a $500 donation from the Ripley Chess Club. Additionally, the top three finishers will receive $20, $10, and $5 per event, respectively. Any tournament organizer wishing to host a Grand Prix event should submit the request to the WVCA more than 30 days prior to the event. There is no longer a $10 event fee required of the organizers.

Grand Prix Event Schedule:
2017 Fall Open – Nov 25, Saint Albans
WVCA Action Championship – TBD, Mount Nebo
Mid-Ohio Valley Open – Aug 19, Parkersburg
2018 WV State Championship – Sept 8-9, 2018, Ripley